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IntelliPlay Music App For Android

What do we do when we want to listen to music in our cars, but we don't want to crash into something while we fiddle with the controls? Hitting the treadmill but can't focus on the arm bobbing up and down to hit that tiny "skip" button? Ahhh... IntelliPlay will help you..
it is a simple, yet powerful Music Player application allows you to control, browse, organize and listen to your music intuitively. If you are looking for a new music player to replace the default player that ships with android, look no further than IntelliPlay .

* Minimalist design based on the Android Holo Theme.
* Browse and play your music by albums, artists, songs, playlists and folders.
* Find artists, tracks or albums quickly and efficiently using POWER SEARCH.
* Powerful 5 band EQUALIZER with presets and reverb.
* HEADSET support.( Single Click : Play/ Pause , Double Click : Next Track, Triple Click : Previous Track ).
* SWIPE gestures with slide in/out animation. (player: swipe left to play next, swipe right to play previous).
* Easily identify playlist with intelligent color TAGGING like Gmail app.
* Dynamically add or remove songs from the favorite list .
* SLEEP TIMER with fade out volume.
* SHARE sounds via Facebook, Google Drive and other .
* Set as RINGTONE option.

-IntelliPlay Music Player-
stream khalid

stream khalid

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