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Movies, TV Shows, & TV Channels For Free with Stremio

Stremio is an app that helps you organize and instantly watch your favorite videos, movies, TV series and TV channels.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse or support piracy or streaming content illegally. We wrote this post for educational purposes only .
Stremio is an application that is available on a all the major desktop OSes: Windows, Linux and Mac . can give you all the access you need to media you might have missed out on.

With Stremio, you can set up a library of movies, series, YouTube channels, and TV channels . You can also add titles through the Stremio app for iOS.
Features :
Watch Instantly in HD : Click and play your favourite movies, TV Shows, videos and TV channels.

Automatic Subtitles :  Stremio automatically picks synced subtitles for your language.

Play on TV & mobile devices : Cast to AppleTV, Chromecast, Smart TV (DLNA/UPnP) and mobile devices.

Content Add-ons : Stremio provides a flexible and easy to use add-on platform that allows to extend the product with your 
stream khalid

stream khalid

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