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Cristiano Ronaldo official Keyboard

The official, tailor-made CR7 state of the art keyboard is just what you need to be one click away from getting the hottest news and updates

A smart, all-inclusive keyboard introducing astonishing features such as the CR7 look and feel, an extensive news feed bringing you the most accurate and up-to-date information, and much more. Plus, new and exciting features coming up in the near future!

The CR7 official state of the art keyboard allows you to enjoy all these special features:

1 - An automatic spelling and style checker, protecting you from embarrassing mistakes.
2 - An extremely convenient layout, making commonly used keys more accessible than on other keyboards.
3 - Automatic word completion and correction, using a sophisticated algorithm that adapts suggestions to your vocabulary and style.
4 - Next-word prediction that learns your vocabulary and style as you type.

-Cristiano Ronaldo Keyboard APP-

stream khalid

stream khalid

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