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Stream Live Videos From phone To PC

Here is a fast and easy way to live stream straight from your smartphone to any computer or TV across the world for FREE. Using the Velocity Clip smartphone mount and Ustream app you can easily stream your videos to anyone online or directly to your smart TV

1. Go to your app store, download :Ustream 

2. Set up your phone. I used a Velocity Clip Adhesive Mount in this video but the same device works for tripods as well. It is universal so it will work with any cell phone (iPhone, Android, Nokia, Samsung, Galaxy, Note 2 and 3, Windows Phones, etc...) Velocityclip

3. Turn on the Ustream app Press the camcorder button , Now you will see there is a small web address shown on this screen. This is the web address to your live streaming video. Go to this address on your smartTV or computer, or send it to the users you would like to live stream to Back on your smart phone, press the red record button You are now live streaming directly from your phone to either your computer or your tv. 

stream khalid

stream khalid

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