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Kodi 16 jarvis is Now Available

New version 16 KODI under the name of JARVIS.
 Once a ‘final’ version is released some new bugs and/or problems usually appear out of nowhere,developers will continue to focus on removing old legacy code, as well as improving both usability and user friendliness.

Improvements :
  • KODI other improvements in 16 Jarvis
  • Update DirectX 11
  • Optimized image width in videos 4: 3
  • Artist id3v2 support for music, ape, Xiph
  • Registration date when added to the music library
  • Series added option of recording in PVR
  • Improved Bluetooth headset in Android
  • VP9 and VC1 codecs reviewed in Android
  • Fixed pixels 1920 x 1080 video on computers AMLogic
  • Added the keyboards Chinese, Korean and Czech
  • Added support "Multi-touch" for Linux
  • Improved on-screen keyboard
  • Support for iOS9
  • Several fixes in PVR
  • Removed support KARAOKE not functional
  • General corrections / various

Supported Devices :

-Download KODI 16 jarvis-



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