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WebTorrent lets you stream torrent

WebTorrent is the first torrent client that works in the browser. To Stream any movie torrent without downloading and Search for any movie torrent on the Internet.
 is fast, free, totally non-commercial and open source. WebTorrent Desktop can talk to both BitTorrent and WebTorrent peers.

It's written completely in JavaScript – the language of the web – and uses WebRTC for true peer-to-peer transport. No browser plugin, extension, or installation is required.

Features :
* Lightweight, fast torrent client
* Beautiful user experience 
* Free, non-commercial, ad-free, and open source 
* Instantly stream video and audio 
* Stream videos to AirPlay, Chromecast, and DLNA  
* Based on the most popular and comprehensive torrent package in Node.js, webtorrent 
* Full-featured, but bloat free 
* Opens magnet links and .torrent files 
* Drag-and-drop makes adding or creating torrents easy 
* Discovers peers via tracker servers, DHT (Distributed Hash Table), and peer exchange 
* Supports the WebTorrent protocol for connecting to WebRTC peers (i.e. web browsers)

WebTorrent Desktop Available for Windows , Mac , Linux can be downloaded here.



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