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TOP Best Kodi Add-On July 2016 : Exodus, KOBRA ,Imperial Streams ,Security Shield etc..

Hi Guys here is the list of top Kodi add-ons for July 2016 along with new add-ons .  

content and stability! Best of KODI 3rd party addons for IPTV, LIVE TV, Movies, TV Series / TV Shows, Kids, Cartoon / Animation, Sports, Live Sports, Live Events and Music!

TOP Best Kodi Add-On July 2016

#1. Exodus

Exodus is the new multi scraper add-on by Lambda ,  that allows you to stream videos. Developed by the creator of Genesis, Exodus gives us a great user experience with very polished menus .

install Any applications within inside kodi onto your anroid device With KOBRA Installer Add-On , browse through the most popular android , Windows and linux apps on the market

Imperial Streams is a new video add-on for Kodi is the latest one click add-on available through the Mucky Duck repo. If you already have that repo installed This add-on and its repo are available through fusion

Security Shield is the first antivirus security add-on For kodi available a noobsandnerds Repo

#5. VODPass

VODPass is a new video add-on from VODPass (formerly Viper Streams).Primarily an IPTV add-on with a rather limited selection but it is new so hopefully more will be added. Streams seem to be ok.

#6. Tinklepad

Tinklepad is a new video add-on to watch or download HD movies in Kodi , This add-on is available through the Fusion repo , that scrapes the site of the same name which i believe is the new domain name for movies25

#7. Evolve

Evolve is a new add-on by the Evolve team. Each member of the team has their section - 9 in total - giving you access to a fantastic choice of content

#9. AK 47

great new add-on called AK-47. This one contains Movies, Tv Shows, Documentaries, Kids Section & a Live Tv Section & a cracking Live Sports Section



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