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Top 10 Kodi Addons Septembre 2016 : Exodus Fr, The Pyramid, Future TV ...

Hi guys just a look at my top addons for Septembre  2016 . These are the best addons that if you dont already have them installed you should think about installing them! Installation Guides below

TOP 10 Best Kodi Add-On Septembre 2016 

#1. Exodus Fr

Finally Exodus Fr addon is availaible for kodi ,The Watch All The Movies And TV In French!

#2. The Pyramid

The Pyramid is a new add-on available through the Tomb Raider repo.This is a ‘all-in-one’ add-on with, well loads.

This is an all-in-one add-on that currently offers:

    24/7 TV Series
    UK Entertainment
    Kids Zone
    Kodi Zone
    Movie Zone
    Music Zone
    News Zone
    Sports Zone
    TV Series
    World Webcams

#3. Future TV 

Future TV is a video add-on focusing on Sci-Fi content. A great little add-on to try out and add to your device.

    TV Series

Installation Guide 

#4. TDB Toons

TDB Toons is an add-on dedicated to cartoons from the TDB repo. This content of the add-on is aimed at younger users. A decent add-on to keep them entertained for a while.

#5. White Devil

White Devil Streams is a new all-in-one add-on and currently has 8 sections available:

    24/7 TV
    Live TV
    ColdKeys (YouTube Playlists)
    Classic Cartoons

#6. Bass Fox

Bass Fox is a video add-on that has links to lots of Spanish speaking content. English content is available too but it will more than likely contain Spanish subtitles. A very nice little add-on.

#7. AK 47

Great new Update AK-47 add-on  . This one contains Movies, Tv Shows, Documentaries, Kids Section & a Live Tv Section & a cracking Live Sports Section .

#8. Good Fella

Good Fella is an all-in-one add-on with a large selection of content to choose from. Some channels in the IPTV section will require the f4m tester add-on

#9. Money Sports

MoneySports – The much loved Sports add-on for KODI is BACK   If you have the old version then you will want to delete the old add-on and repo before installing

#10. IZLE

new movie add-on on Mucky Duck repo called IZLE. The addon get its content from the website which is a great site



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