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TOP 10 Best Kodi Add-On December 2016

Hi guys just a look at my top addons for December  2016 . These are the best addons that if you dont already have them installed you should think about installing them! Installation Guides below

TOP 10 Best Kodi Add-On December 2016 

#1. Huf Playlists

Huf Playlists Addon is the new Kodi Addon that that has been doing some really great work uploading new, working, and reliable links for Kodi users in great picture quality.

The Huf Playlists Kodi add-on is split into different sections for each category:

. Fail Army – Fail videos
. Huf’s Zone – Random playlists
. Movies – Movies split out by year
. TV Shows
. Various Artists – Assorted music streams
. Vloggers – Video blogs

#2. Paragon

New add-on for kodi from paragon team (aka Alpha) , it is a new awesome add-on packed with loads of content.

The Paragon Kodi add-on is split into different sections for each category:

. Box Sets
. The KidZone
. Ladies Zone
. Movies
. Music
. New Releases
. TV Shows
. Everything Else
. Christmas Movies

#3. I4ATV DX 

I4ATV DX Addon is the latest TV Addon that allows you to watch tons of live TV channels from all around the world in great picture quality.

Installation Guide 

#4. Supremacy

Supremacy is a new add-on that contains various sections where you can stream live and recorded content. There is a great choice of tv channels available.

Content currently includes:

. Live TV
. Kids TV
. New Releases
. TV Shows
. Movies
. Kids Movies
. Sport
. Christmas Movies
. YouTube
. The Maverick Addon


The Ultimate add-on scrapes a specific blog for IPTV m3u8 lists. If you aren’t aware m3u8 lists contains pointers to live TV channels around the world.

The add-on scrapes each post from this specific blog and returns each posted m3u8 list.

#6. Echo Installer

The Echo installer add-on allows you install a wide range of popular add-ons , you can easily find a section which will contain the type of add-on you are looking for: repositories, video, program,music, picture.

#7. Addon Installer

Kodi Addons App Store for Kodi, except everything is free of course! You can browse through or search for any Kodi Addons that you’d like. Using the Addon Installer, you can install any type of Kodi Addons, from movies and television shows, to live TV channels

#8. Open Subtitles

The best way to have a taste of different language movieson kodi  is by adding subtitles. The provides the subtitles for movies or TV shows. You can easily search and add subtitles on your kodi player

#9. Zen

Zen is a new add-on available through the Schism TV repo. The add-on is very similar to Exodus You will find this does also use different sources.

#10. ROM Collection Browser

ROM Collection Browser add-on enables you to browse your ROM collection and play emulated games on your TV



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