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Pelisalacarta The Best Latino Addon for Kodi

Pelisalacarta is The Best Latino Plugin for Kodi, Plex, Boxee, Dreambox, WiiMC to Watch online movies, documentaries, series and anime from your media center .

Pelisalacarta is a program that makes it easy to view movies and Internet on a TV using a remote control instead of having to navigate through the pages with the mouse.

The installation of Pelisalacarta is very simple in some platforms, and very complex in others .

Install Pelisalacarta Kodi: 

. Download the Pelisalacarta add-on is available from here
. Open Kodi
. Select SYSTEM
. Select Add-Ons
. Select Install from zip file
. Navigate to where you downloaded the zip in the first step and select plugin.video.pelisalacarta x.x.x - Versión Clásica.zip
. Wait for Add-on enabled notification