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Top 5 Best Free Movie & TV Show Streaming Sites 2016

People love to spend their free time watching movies and tv shows. is one of the best entertainment source ,  In this post, we will tell you about the best movie streaming sites 2016.

# 1 . HULU

You will find an impressive selection of TV shows and movies on Hulu for free, and the content is supported by ads. Hulu is backed by Disney, Fox, and NBC Universal, and it has struck agreements with a wide variety of networks and partners

# 2 . YouTube

More than 6 billion hours of videos are viewed on YouTube each month. Most of them are music and funny videos, but you can find the free length of the movies and TV shows on there also

# 3 . Film Archive

It is a great resource for the full DVD, television images and all kinds of videos that are in the public domain. Most of the movies are older, but you will find some real classics on offer. The archive is also filled with curiosities and oddities, including sporting events, old broadcasts news and propaganda films.

# 4 . Crackle

Hosted by Sony and available free of charge, Crackle is a good place to check emissions of television and films. The service is supported by advertisements and offers a mixture of more content and B-movies with the strange blockbuster or the top TV show. There is also a free Crackle application for all major mobile platforms

You can find documentaries, cult classics and film festival favorite to Snag Films. Everything is carefully classified, so you can dip into the strange mixture and identify something worth watching