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How to control KODI through your android device - Kore App

In this tutorial I explain step by step how to install the Kore App for KODI, This app allows you to control KODI through your android device .

Kore aims to be a simple, easy to use and beautiful remote that lets you control your Kodi / XBMC  media center from your Android  device.

1 . Open Kodi Select System -> System Info

2. Select summary: Write down your IP address

3. Return to the Home screen

4. Select System -> Settings -> Services -> Control.

5. Enable Allow remote control over HTTP.

6. Enter a username and password of your choice.

7. Enable remote control by programs on this system
Install kore on your Android / IOS device


. Look for the kodi remote app store and select install.

2. The kore will perform an automatic search to detect your multimedia center otherwise enter the information yourself:

. Name of the multimedia center (optional)
. Address (ip address of your local network: 192.168.xxx.xxx)
. Port: 8080
. User name: kodi (in our video example).
. Password: (the password entered)

3. Select Test.