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Top Best Torrent Video Players apps For Android and windows

If you want to watch Torrent without downloading you must download and install Torrent Video Player on your Device . In this article i will show you the best video torrent player for Android and windows that will make your life easier! 

1 . Rox Player :

Rox player is a Video player for windos that will find the right codecs for you, with streaming support Torrent (BitTorrent).

This way you will not have to wait for a download to finish before you can start the video or movie. Launch it while downloading and enjoy it immediately.

. first you must download Roxplayer from (official website : roxplayer.com ) and installing it

. Click on File Menu and click on Open torrent, you can choose the file directly or put the link torrent magnet link. 

2 : Torrent Video Player- TVP Free

Torrent Video Player is Free app that lets you stream torrent files, you can play a torrent without having to download it. You just have to find and download the torrent you want , and add it onto the app.  

1. Download TVP from google play and Find torrent you want to watch
2. Download and open torrent file or just click on magnet link
3. Wait few minutes while Torrent Video Player buffers the video
4. Enjoy the video.