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Free Up Memory on Kodi : How to Clean Kodi Cache Recover Disk Space

Learn how to Clean Kodi Cache to solve various problems related to the app or eliminate unnecessary files that delay the opening of the app and occupy valuable space on your hard disk and optimize its operation.

Follow our tutorial and learn everything you need to know about the cache, as well as how to clean it quickly and efficiently and optimize Kodi.

What is Kodi Cache?

Cache is a temporary storage that many apps, including Kodi, use to work more optimally. When opening a directory, file folder, run addon, frequently used content is stored locally on your device to prevent it from having to be loaded from scratch again. For example, when generating thumbnails to display as the cover of your videos, the program will store those images for later display; so you do not have to spend time and CPU cycles generating images every time you browse your videos

How to Clean Kodi Cache: Step by Step

You should know that although such a feature is highly demanded by users, there is still no easy tool included by default that allows deleting the Kodi cache. So we'll need to make use of a third-party addon . 

1. Navigate to the system settings
2. In the sub-menu "Add-ons" enable the option "Unknown

3. Return to the main menu and select the "File Manager" 

4. Choose the "Add Source"
5. In the "Enter path or browse media location" field, and where it says <no>, replace with, http://srp.nu/
6. In the field name type "Merlin"
7 . Return to the main menu and choose the sub-menu of add-ons and access the add-ons browser 

8. Select the "Install from a zip file" 

9. In the Location list, select the option with the name you entered in step 6.

10. In the list of options, select the version of Kodi (Jarvis, Krypton, etc.)
11. In the following list, select the "All"
12. Within the folder, select the only .zip file available for installation

13. After installation, return to the main menu and again, select the option "Install via repository"
14. Select the "SuperRepo"
15. Select the "Program Add-ons"
16. Look for the "Merlin Auto Cleaner" in the list (alphabetical order)
17. Confirm Merlin Auto Cleaner Installation

Finally, after the installation is complete, restart Kodi and check the upper right corner of the confirmation message that Merlin Auto Cleaner was running at startup.

Ready! Your Kodi cache was cleaned automatically by the addon.

Now that you have installed and ran the Kodi Cache Cleanup addon - solving potential problems, freeing up space and optimizing your installation - You can remove the addon if you wish; however keeping it active will not cause damage and may even solve other Kodi problems.

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