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Install Kodi On iPhone, iPad & iPod

How To Install & Setup Kodi XBMC For iOS  iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. 

following step by step guide to install KODI on your Device .

Step 1: In the beginning, your device must be carrying a jailbreak,

Step 2: Open Cydia 

Step 3: click on Sources in the Tab Bar

Step 4: Click on Edit> Add

Step 5: Type link: http://mirrors.kodi.tv/apt/ios/ and press Add Source 

Step 6: Cydia will begin to download the package from the source. Once finished, click on the button Return to Cydia

Step 7: In the sources tab, click “team Kodi

Step 8: Now, go to Multimedia and click on Kodi-iOS> Install. If you can not find Multimedia, simply by clicking on the Edit button and make sure it is activated.

Step 9: waiting for  Kodi installed on your Device. Once finished, press the button Return to Cydia.

When you return to the home screen now, you will see the application icon is there