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How use your phone or tablet as an advanced TV remote control

 The vast majority of mobiles but also tablets have an infrared. Why not take advantage of this technology to replace all of your remote controls with a single control device?, This is the case for example of the free app Peel Smart Remote. Very simple to set, it can control most TVs, audio systems .

Peel Smart Remote allows you to use your phone or tablet as an advanced TV remote control. In addition to flicking through channels, you gain access to cable & local television programming with cover art thumbnails, look ahead to upcoming programming, set reminders to watch and save favorites, plus extend the conversation on social media. 

Install and Setup Peel Smart Remote :

1 . Download the Peel Smart Remote app by searching directly from the Play Store
2 . Select your country and enter your postal code
3 . Then choose the name of your internet service provider
4 . Then turn off your television setConfigure the virtual remote control of your TV
5 . Select the brand of your TV and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the configuration of the Peel Smart Remote app