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how to get a free and fast VPN

It is actually an essential method of implementing security in individuals and consumers' daily online activities. VPN connection give users their computers or smartphones a new IP address dedicated to a specific country. If you’re living in Asia or Africa and might be trying to watch favorite America or British videos

Connect within seconds to our VPN servers and protect yourself. Our VPN client comes with many useful features to protect your online safety. 

How To Config ? :
Go To : www.freevpnnetwork.com

Configure PPTP VPN in Windows 7

. From Windows 7 Desktop, click Start – Control Panel to open the control panel;
. Click Network and Internet;
. Click Network and Sharing Center;
. Click Set up a new connection or network, then Connect to a workplace;
. Select option No, create a new cnonection, then Use my Internet connection (VPN);
. In the Connect to a workplace window, fill VPN Server hostname with IP found from website;
. In Next window, use freevpnnetwork.com as User name field, and use password found from website in the Password field;
. Click “Connect” button to start the free VPN connection in your Windows 7 Desktop.

Configure Free PPTP VPN in Apple iOS Devices

. From iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, Press iPhone, iPod touch or iPad’s Home button;
. Touch “Settings” icon, select VPN – Add VPN Configuration …
. Select ‘PPTP’, adding fields as:

. Description: FreeVPNNetwork.COM
. Server: FreeVPNNetwork.COM
. Account: freevpnnetwork.com
. RSA SecurID: OFF
. Password: check vpn website
. Encryption level: Auto
. Send All traffic: ON
. Touch ‘save’ button to save the VPN configuration;
. Slide the VPN status button from OFF to ON position, wait until VPN connected.

Configure Free PPTP VPN in Google Android Devices

. From Andord smartphones, tablets, or set tp boxes, switch back to Home screen;
. Touch “Settings” icon, touch More… – VPN text bar;
. Touch “+” button to add a new VPN profile, and fill the VPN fields as below:
. Set “Name” as “FreeVPNNetwork.COM”;
. Set “Type” as PPTP;
. Set “Server address” as the IP found from website;
. Checked “PPP encryption (MPPE)” option;
. Touch “Save” button to save the VPN connection;
. Touch “FreeVPNNetwork.COM” text bar to connect the VPN, Android will prompt the username/password information;
. Enter “freevpnnetwork.com” as the VPN username, and enter the password found from our website as the VPN password;
. Touch “Connect” button to start the VPN connection, wait until VPN is connected.

Configure Free PPTP VPN in Windows XP

. From Windows XP desktop, click Start – Control Panel to open the control panel;
. Click Network Connections icon, open the Network Connections window;
. Click Next button to get the first “New Connection Wizard” Welcome window;
. Select “Connect to the network at my workspace” in “Network Connection Type” window, click Next;
. Select “Virtual Private Network connection” in “Network Connection” window, click Next;
. Enter FreeVPNNetwork.COM as the VPN connection name, click Next;
. Enter VPN Server hostname with IP found from website, click Next;
. Click “Finish” button.
. Now the VPN login window shows up,use freevpnnetwork.com as the User name and password found from website as Password, click “Connect” button to start your free Win XP VPN connection.