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Top Best 5 Games For Chrome Brower

Chrome OS and the Chrome browser aren't the first thing that come to mind when you mention gaming, but the Chrome Web Store fields a lively stable of gaming apps and browser extensions. 

Ribbit! Do you have what it takes to help the Frog jump, paint and spacewalk the way to his sweetheart? Join the Frog as he embarks on an adventure that will take him from the lily pads of his home pond to the farthest reaches of outer space

reasure Arena is an online battle-arena for up to 4 players.

- Loot various weapons like bows, rockets, bombs, and more!
- Survive enemy attacks by jumping, dodging and blocking!
- Collect the most coins to win the game!

Draw and play Free Rider HD tracks offline with the Free Rider HD Offline Editor!

A match-3 puzzle game starring colorful animal friends! Match the pets within the move limit and break the trapped animals free!

A bubble shooter for puzzle-minded players who love a challenge! Bubble germs are taking over! People from around the world report runny noses, goose bumps and strange colored hair. With the help of the amazing Shrink Ray device (TM) and the brave dog Quark, you can defeat the germs and cure the people in your waiting room!