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How to launch your desktop like an iPad

PaperPlane Smart Launch is a free launcher program (shortcut manager) which enables you to launch your desktop like an iPad. It enables you to quickly access your most used apps, open a recent file, visit a website URL, play your favorite game, or open any shortcut etc, in one place.

PaperPlane Smart Launch gives you an entirely different desktop feeling with its cool interface, quick access, and unique customization, so that you can leave your old desktop behind.

Features :

* Gives you a new desktop similar to Mac OS Launchpad  
* Launch your most accessed apps, files, URLs, games, and more  
* Organize your apps, files, URLs, games, and folders into multiple groups  
* Organize your apps, files, URLs, games, folders in multiple desktops  
* Simple activation by double-click, hotkey, hot mouse key, or hot window corner
Search bar to quickly locate your apps, files, URLs, and games  
* Drag-and-drop, and right-click menu to add shortcuts  
* Automatic backup and restore

The app offers lots of customization options including a different way to add files, folders, or apps to the launcher i.e. via drag & drop. You can enable this mode from the General tab in the app’s settings.