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Best Live TV apps for Amazon Fire TV 2021

We live in the era of television, and this means that there are countless options for the show you will watch after a hard day at work. From classic comedy to prestigious dramas, TV now offers viewers a whole host of options to choose from, watching TV no longer just requires an antenna or cable subscription, but dozens of apps installed in a TV box connected to your TV.

If you have decided to use a Fire Stick to watch your favorite shows and movies, you are not alone. We're also big fans of Amazon's $ 39 streaming stick, which is why we've found some of our favorite apps for watching TV at home. From subscription apps to free streaming services, let's dive into some of the best apps for your Fire Stick.


You probably already have a Netflix subscription connected to your Fire Stick. The app comes pre-installed on your device, and the service is almost universally loved for leading the trend in streaming services we live in today. Netflix has spent the past few years moving away from collecting as much content as possible for your streaming pleasure, and now serves as the home to a ton of exclusive content. 

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Amazon Prime

You own a Fire Stick, so it only makes sense to get Amazon Prime Video to accompany your streaming device. Amazon Prime is somewhere in the middle between Hulu and Netflix, offering original movies and television and a pretty solid amount of movies and TV shows in real time, although the options you get are less than what you might see from Hulu or Netflix. Prime Video is included with an Amazon Prime subscription, though you can get it on your own for $ 8.99 a month if you'd rather skip the other Prime benefits. On Prime Video, you can find a decent amount of real-time television 

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How could we start this list without including the latest Fire Stick app, Kodi? Originally known as XBMC, Kodi is an open source home theater suite that allows you to completely replace your normal Fire Stick interface within the app. Kodi is powerful software on its own, and totally legal when used correctly.


Crackle is currently one of the only studio-backed free streaming services to remain standing, ever since Hulu dropped its tier free to focus on its paid content. Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures, which means you will primarily see content posted by Sony and a few other offerings alongside them. In our tests, Crackle had one of the best original and non-original content libraries available for free. Everything included ads, unfortunately, but the inclusion of those pesky ads also meant that everything was on the table and was completely legal.  

Tubi TV

TubiTV has some very good content, and the site is organized in a cohesive and user-friendly structure that makes searching for content - especially good content that you'll want to actively watch - very easy. The service routinely cycles the content of its service, making it easy to predict that you won't often watch the same movie or show on the platform twice. There are many ways to search through content to find the movie you want to stream, with categories like "Not on Netflix"