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How stream any media on your computers from your mobile for free

You use multiple devices every day for different things . So with all your devices , music, photo, and files spread across your devices , it's become harder to manage and access your personal media . Luckily, there now a simple solution - called Younity  .

Younity is a home media server that connects your devices so you can access all your content without any syncing, uploading or configuration.

just Install Younity on your devices , and you'll always have access to all your stuff . You can stream movies from your home computer listen to your favorite music , access your entire photo libary , and even stream to your TV . 
Younity it allow you to share files of any size , even when you're away frome the computer they're stored  .

How To Install Younity On Devices

Step 1: Download & Install younity on your computer(Mac, Windows) at getyounity.com

Step 2: Install younity on your mobile device(Android, iOS) at: Google Play - App Store

Now go back to your computer, open Younity and Sign up account for free 

After you register Wait a few minutes , younity will index your computer for all your media. As soon as the scan is complete you’ll be notified on your computer.

After that, open Younity app on your mobile and sign in with either email address and your password .

Enjoy! . Now You can stream any media or file stored on your computers from your mobile .