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The First IPTV Player For ROKU

what's up guys , Today i want to share you a very awesome app for Roku free that allow you to Watch IPTV from your Internet service provider or free live TV channels from any other source in the web.

IPTV Playlist Player It's the first iptv playlist player for ROKU (now it accept M3U, other format will be added soon. While in the playlist, there is a favorites menu to favorite streams by pressing " * " menu button.  This player can play all format supported by roku, hls, ts, mkv, mp4, mov, mp3, aac, live streams, movie, radio.

How To Install IPTV Playlist Player On your Roku ?

1 . First Go to this link and click *ADDCode Or Install by Roku IP: Alternate way to install channel

2 . Then it's going to transfer you directly to the roku site , enter your email and your password  .

3 . whait few minutes and turn off the roku the roku turn it back on and you will have the IPTV Playlist Player

How To add a list using a URL

1 . first you must make sure it is a valid list and it is active in the server.

2 . Go to new playlist.  

3 . This is where you enter the URL location for the channel lists. These can be found by searching on the internet. Some are better that others.

5 . Should immediately go to loading. 

To change playlist. Go to new playlist and reenter a new URL.



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