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Leonflix App , Here’s What You Need To Know

The movie streaming Servies is an extremely interesting space to be involved in.  Netflix go through the laborious process of negotiating deals with content providers and offering their services for a monthly subscription. Then there are services like Leonflix offer a free streaming experience on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Leonflix is a search tool for movies and TV shows. It scrapes video/file hosting websites and has the ability to stream the videos hosted on those sites. Leonflix is a ad-free at no cost. 

Leonflix is a media search tool, intends that this tool be strictly used for searching public domain movies and shows

If you’re interested in checking it out, and in particular seeing how it compares to the more morally intact competition, then you can find out more about it at leonflix.net There’s also some ha nay installation hints and tips for Mac and Linux users .