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How to Install YouTube TV on your Roku or Apple TV

YouTube TV is a good alternative to Cable , but to be able to access it through your TV you had to first own an Android TV or Chromecast and now it's also available for Apple TV or Roku .

Installing YouTube TV on these devices is easy , But it may cause a problem for new users at times.

How to Install YouTube TV on Roku:

1 . From the Home screen, look for the Streaming Channels option

2 . At the end of the list, search for the Search Channels option. Enter YouTube TV through the on-screen buttons panel or through the microphone if your remote control supports this.

3 . Select Add Channel and wait for the download to finish, then you can open the application directly from the same screen or go back to the main screen and open it from there.

4 . You will need to login or create a new account in the service to use, and after opening the application for the first time will appear a screen to login or create a new account.

How Install YouTube TV on Apple TV:

1 . Go to App Store

2 . Using the search option at the top of the screen, enter the word YouTube TV either by entering characters from the screen or by voice input via the remote control. Choose the visible result after searching using the controller.

3 . On the screen, click the Get option and enter your Apple ID account password when prompted to confirm the download. After you finish downloading you can open the application directly.

4 . If you have an account you can go to the link tv.youtube.com/activate to activate the service after you log in to your account and enter the activation code shown on your TV.

YouTube TV offers a trial period, and you can get it if you're a new subscriber and want to try the service in your area without having to pay for the subscription.