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Guide to all the free channels that will broadcast the 2018 World Cup online !

In the summer of this year, there is an interesting event: the 2018 World Cup, you will find everyone talking about it, its games, goals and stars, and if you do not exist in Russia this summer, you will definitely need a way to watch the games online , There are 80 television networks that have the rights to broadcast the World Cup .

This guide will be your way to watching the FIFA World Cup free with the VPN. We will review together everything you need to know to watch games on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

With the (VPN) Virtual Private Network, you can unblock any website on the Internet. The list below is where you can watch the 2018 World Cup for free. All you need is an Internet line and a VPN application.

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1 . Watch on BBC iPlayer

Who does not know the BBC, will broadcast 33 games you can see on BBC iPlayer "The BBC shares the rights to broadcast with ITV."

The BBC iPlayer app works on almost all devices: Xbox, Android, iPhone, Amazon Fire Stick, and more.

Here's how to watch games via BBC iPlayer:

. Connect your VPN appto an existing server server in the United Kingdom
. Download the iPlayer app or go to the BBC website

2 . Watch on TF1

For those who want to know what is going on behind the scenes, the TF1 is the site you need.

Although TF1 will only broadcast the most important 28 games, the site contains all the World Cup news, noting that you may need subtitles if you do not speak French.

Here's how to watch the World Cup on TF1:

. Connect your VPN to an server in France
. Go to the TF1 website
. Click on "Créer Un Compte" to create an account
. Enter your email address and create a password.
. Enter your name, French postal code (you can use 75001 for Paris), date of birth and gender then click on "Terminer"
. log in
. Be sure to turn on and activate your VPN

3 . Watch on RTP

RTP is the most popular broadcast site in Portugal, if you are not in Portugal you will need a virtual private network to watch games on RTP.

Here's how to do this:

. Start and activate your VPN with an Server in Portugal.
. Go to the RTP website.
. In the dashboard at the top, click "Canais Em Directo"
. Once you agree to the Terms of Service, you will be able to watch the matches directly on the site

4 . Watch on Match TV

Match TV is one of the broadcast companies that owns the rights to broadcast the World Cup in Russia - will broadcast all 64 games directly and for free, here's how to do this:

. Run your VPN to an server in Russia
. Go to Match TV online
. Click the Flux button at the top left