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Best IPTV Players for Smart tv 2022

If you know what are the IPTV Lists to watch Live TV. You definitely entered this article because you want to see these IPTV listings on your TV without going through a computer or smartphone. We leave you the best apps to watch IPTV listings on your Smart TV.

First of all, we must know the meaning of IPTV: Internet Protocol Television. It basically consists of distributing a video signal from an Internet connection from an IP.

We will need a good internet connection to receive the signal.  To be able to watch content such as football, series or movies from these lists, we must receive an address or URL where we can view what is being streamed from a player such as VLC media Player for PC.

Important: What kind of Smart TV do you have?

Depending on your Smart TV, you will have to perform one action or another.  Android smart TVs have an easier time "installing" different apps from Google Play, or through APK files (be careful with this type of installation which can be unsafe apps).
Best IPTV APP for Smart TV without Android

If your TV doesn't have Android (Samsung, LG, Sony, etc. models) don't worry because you have these apps to install.

OTTPLAYER (FREE) – Different Smart TV

Ottplayer is one of the best known applications to use an m3u list on your Smart TV.

One of the advantages of this application is its easy installation and that, unlike other apps, it is completely free.  In addition, an application that is available is many models of televisions, including the Samsung and LG

Among its disadvantages is that it is an app in Russian, and you will have to change the settings to English.  But it is easy, you just have to enter the web and change it as soon as you enter.

In order to use Ottplayer, follow these steps:

1. You must first log in to the web or register on the page: Account > not registered yet?  Registration > Enter your data

2. Then install the app on your Smart TV

3. Name the TV Device name
Configure the steps and include the url of the m3u list on the web

4. Refresh the app on your TV, and you're good to go. 
 Smart IPTV (7 days trial) – Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic
In case Ottplayer does not work for you, you can resort to another of the best known: Smart IPTV.

This, unlike the previous one, leaves you with a 7-day trial and then you will have to checkout (although only once and only about 5-10 Dollars).

Although Smart IPTV has disappeared from the Samsung store , We remember that these applications do not incorporate the lists, since you have to put them yourself.

Remember that in the installation process you have to write down the TV MAC address that appears on the screen, it is something similar to: 18:c8:17:v4:70:c4

If your TV in Samsung series J Ultra.  It will use Tizen as the operating system.
SS-IPTV – Sony

This is another IPTV app alternative.  It is somewhat less well known and is recommended for Sony, LG and Panasonic.

You will have to look for it on your television, install it and follow the steps for its correct use (we have not installed it at the moment).  Yes, you must enter your computer at this address to load the lists.

The Best IPTV APPS for Smart Tv Android

As we have mentioned, the easiest way to load a list of m3u is through an IPTV app for Android.  If you do not have an Android TV, you can resort to buying an Android TV.  If you already have it, these are the best applications:


With more than 5 million installations, GSE Smart IPTV presents itself as one of the most prominent IPTV clients for watching Internet TV. The player supports more than 45 video formats and 5 streaming formats, offers compatibility with Chromecast, automatic reconnection, subtitle support, dynamic language switching and various customization skins. In addition, it has a fairly easy to use interface, which can be a point in favor if we are first-time users.

IPTV Smarters Pro

One of the most complete and best valued IPTV clients by the Android community. With this free application we can play live television using M3U files or Internet web addresses (URLs).

The player is compatible with Android TV, mobile phones and tablets, allows to establish parental control, incorporates subtitles, offers integration with other external players and supports EPG.


VLC is one of the best multimedia players, multiplatform and open source that we can find, and the truth is that they have been at the bottom of the canyon for decades. How could it be otherwise, the Videolan application for Android also supports the IPTV protocol.

To do this, we just have to open the player, click on the menu icon, click on the "Broadcast" button and enter the URL of the television channel we want to watch on the mobile.


Lightweight IPTV client that will not take up much space in the internal memory of our Android device. Like the other applications mentioned, no pre-installed playlist or video is included. All we have to do is add the URL of our IPTV link and the player will do the rest. Perfect for watching live TV, movies, YouTube videos and much more.

Lazy IPTV supports M3U files, HTTP / HTTPS, UDP and YouTube links, as well as Internet radio playback. It also incorporates a parental control module and various customization topics.

Perfect Player IPTV

Another player that we cannot ignore due to the large set of features it offers. It not only allows you to play IPTV content: it also supports local video playback, it has remote control via Perfect Cast IPTV, you can read M3U and XSPF lists, and it is also compatible with EPG XMLTV and JTV formats.

As in previous players it does not offer pre-installed content, but as an IPTV player it is the most complete that we can find in full 2019.

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