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The best 5 apps for watching movies on Samsung Smart TV

Movies are a great way to break the boredom. This is exactly where you can see the list of the best apps to watch movies on Samsung Smart TVs.

Most of these apps are available in the Samsung Smart TV store, which you can download easily on your device. You can watch movies online or download on your device to watch them later. Without much talk, here are some of the best movies apps we've tested and reviewed.

1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon offers its Prime Video service, free for Premium subscribers of the online sales platform.

With this app you can watch movies and serials on Samsung Smart , However, a subscription is required if you have not subscribed to Amazon's Premium offer.

2. StarzPlay

Starz Play offers you a huge number of the best movies, the latest Tv shows, documentaries, and other entertainment for children. More than 7,000 hours of movies and Tv shows

3. Plex

If you already have a large library of movies and TV shows at home, you may not like the idea of subscribing to a service. In this case Plex is for you . This service is used to create a server on a computer or NAS that will host content that will be easily stream on devices associated with the Plex account.

4. Netflix

The Netflix app offers you a huge library of exclusive movies. Netflix is a global provider of broadcast movies and series with a free month of viewing. You can watch the most beautiful TV shows and movies recommended for you, including series, movies and documentaries

5. Icflix

Enjoy icflix, which will make it easier for you to keep up with your favorite Tv shows and movies on Samsung Smart TV. With icflix's on-demand video feature, you can watch the best Hollywood and Bollywood movies

Now that we have compiled some of our favorite movie broadcast apps, it's your turn to tell us. Which of these apps do you prefer? Have we forgotten anything? Contact us on our Facebook or Twitter