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How to Install Stremio on Android Smart TV and an Android TV Box

Stremio is a free media app with a similar functionality to Kodi and Plex. This tutorial will cover how to Install Stremio on an Android Smart TV and an Android TV Box.

Alternative solutions to watch television have become increasingly popular, with people moving away from entertainment such as cable TV.With the right solutions, you get the power and flexibility to watch whatever you want live or on demand. Thanks to its gratuitously free nature, streaming applications have emerged as the solution for those who can not afford the high fees charged for TV subscriptions and for those looking for alternatives to TV

Install Stremio on an Android Smart TV from the Play Store :

. Go to your Smart TV Apps list and open the Play Store
. In the search box, type Stremio and do "Search"
. Select Stremio and do "Install"
. The app will now install itself on your Android Smart TV. At the end it will also be added to your list of apps
. Open the app and sign in to your Stremio account

Install Stremio on an Android Smart TV manually :

If for some reason you do not want to install from the Play Store or if your Android TV has a different store, you can always install it directly using the application's .apk file.

The first thing you need to do is to allow your Android Smart TV to install applications from other sources. You need to do this if you want to install an application directly.

. Go to "Settings"
. Scroll down to "Personal" and select "Security and Restrictions"
. Enable "Apps from unknown sources"

You can do this by downloading Stremio

. Open your browser and type in the address bar http://stremio.com/
. In the upper-left menu, click ""
. Scroll down to the apks zone for Android and select one of them (64-bit or 32-bit)
. After completing the download, click the file you downloaded to begin the installation

After installing Stremio, the app will automatically be added to your list of applications, ready for use later. If you already had an account, it will sync with your Android Smart TV. However, you should not open the app at this time.

And how to install Stremio on an Android TV Box?

Now that you know how to install Stremio on an Android Smart TV, it's always good to know how to install Stremio on an Android TV Box.

Having an Android TV Box, is the same as having a Smart TV Android. With the advantages that, in a Box, you will have even more power, flexibility and space than a Smart TV. This means that you can install many applications in the Box and customize them much better.

Installing Stremio on an Android TV Box is very similar to the above procedure. The steps vary only in the details depending on the manufacturer of your Android Box. To learn more visit, our Android TV Boxes Rating!