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How to Install Kodi 19 Matrix Amazon Firestick

Today we are going to talk about Kodi 19 Matrix in its version for Amazon Firestick. Specifically, we bring you a guide so you can learn how to install it, and how to install addons to configure your media center. You have all kinds of accessories at your disposal, so you will be the one who decides the final functionalities that you want to give the app.

We will start with a small guide to install the application in Amazon Firestick,. Below, we will explain how to install add-ons, one using the official repositories of the application and another to make use of the .zip files with third-party add-ons that you can download on the network.

First step : Make sure you turn on “Apps from Unknown Sources “ > Go to Setting > Navigate To Device 

Go Inside Developer options

Enable ADB Debugging 
Enable Apps From Unknow Sources

Go back to Home and select Search

Type downloader and select it 

Select the Downloader application

Select Get

 When the download has completed  Open Downloader

Select the URL section , Enter a URL. Press the select button on your remote and enter the following address https://kodi.tv

On this page scroll to the right and click Android

, Once on this screen select Pre release > ARMv7a (32bit).

You will see the App download and the installation process start.

Press the Install button once the install finishes press the Open button

There are three ways to install addons for Kodi. Since this depends on an addon, we are dedicated to bringing detailed installation guide for every addon that we review. Here’s what you need to know:

. Kodi brings a large set of official addons. These are approved by the team behind Kodi and you can install it within the application itself;
. Then, there are unofficial addons. These addons are created by volunteering developers who dedicate their time and effort into creating and maintaining their addons. In addition, you install them from a Web location. In simple terms, they are not the easiest thing to install. However, you’ll see that it’s manageable once you install one or two addons;
. Finally, there’s also a third way to install unofficial addons. You can use the newly launched GitHub browser. Use the provided link to check out that installation method.