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How install OTT Player on Samsung Smart Tv free alternarive for Smart IPTV

Ottplayer - A service that allows you to play IPTV on all your devices, including: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and TVs: Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV With this application you will be able to watch your favorite channels anytime, anywhere.

The advantage of this app is that once you upload your IPTV file on the service you can watch on the devices without the need to add the file to each device on the end and you can also modify and add a channel logo through your user panel. The EPG service is also supported but only for Russian channels. The files should be in the following formats M3U / M3U8, XML, XSPF.

In this article we will learn how to install the aplication on Samsung TV Smart TV and also show you how to upload the channel file on the service and synchronization on all devices, read continued

. Open the Samsung Apps Store and select the Search icon in the top right corner

in the search box type "Ott player" and then select the application from the results list

Now click the Install button

. Wait a few seconds while the application is installed on your device

Now click Open and the interface will look like this

Note: If you have a Samsung Smart TV from 2014 or a previous model, the system may look different; there may also be differences in the steps used to add apps.

Now go to the next step to create a free OTT Playet account

From the web browser go to ottplayer.es/account/registration site and create a free account

Once you've created your account, go to your OTT's control panel, click on your profile, and select Playliste from the list.

Now upload anyour IPTV file to the service ,then select a file name

Confirm OK Now, your playlist has been loaded.

Now go back to the TV and select the Settings button on the OTT player application

Select the Login section and enter your account details on OTT player