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how to watch torrents on chromecast using your Android

Today I will show you how to watch torrents on chromecast using your Android.

Chromecast on the other hand can be good media device but its limited to YouTube, Pandora, Netflix and some other apps like Kodi. What if you could watch torrent movies on chromecast?

How it's work ?

Step 1 : you will need to have your chromecast and Android phone at the same Wi-Fi network

Step 2 : you will need to search for any movie that you would like to watch on chromecast.


Step 3 : press and hold that magnet button and copy the link url from it.

Step 4 : Now open this link in your Android and signup to seedr for a free .

Step 5 : After created the account, go to files section and paste the torrent magnet link we copied earlier

Step 6 : After that, just tap the torrent movie or tv show file and a player will come up. There you can watch the torrent. But you need to hit the chromecast button as highlighted below

Step 7 : You press the chromecast button,Select your chromecast tv and the movie will start playing .

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