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Stream the content of your Android to your TV through a DLNA server

Thanks to technology, today we have many ways to enjoy existing multimedia content. It does not matter if we want to listen to a song, watch a video or enjoy some beautiful photos, our mobile will always be the best ally.

But, what if you want to enjoy this content in a big way? It is very simple. Today we will show you how to turn your Android phone into a DLNA server.

What is a DLNA server?

We know you came to this article wanting to know how to share the multimedia content of your mobile to your other devices, but first you have to define what is DLNA

This service allows your devices to share information with each other easily. This feature uses a device as a server, which will be the sender of the content. This broadcast will be managed under a common Internet connection, either via WiFi or Ethernet cable. 

How to turn your Android into a DLNA server

Now that you know what a DLNA server is, you can proceed to turn your Android into one. It's a fairly simple process, and it offers us many benefits. 

This is one of the most recognized and complete DLNA apps on the market. Putting it into operation may take a little time, but the ability to customize with add-ons and plugins is so much that it's worth it. 

That the name does not deceive you, although only say Transmit to Smart TV, this app will also let you transmit your content to other devices, such as PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire Stick or any other that comes to mind. It is very simple to use and you can send whatever you want to your TV, be it music, photos or videos

This app is quite simple to use, and in addition, it is compatible with a large number of formats and devices. Send the content you want to your Xbox, PlayStation, Smart TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Stick, and many other devices. 

Start sharing the content

Now all you have to do is configure the application of your choice. Once you have this ready, connect to the same network as the receiving device and select it from the menu. Finally, choose the content to send and enjoy.

One of the benefits of Android is that you can use it for almost anything, even to turn it into the core of your multimedia center. You can even watch TV from your mobile with a few steps. 

If you plan on streaming content via any app we recommend using a VPN. A VPN will anonymize your online activity, protect you from spying ISPs, and allow you access to geo-blocked content.

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