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More than 100 free movies to watch on YouTube legally

YouTube is updated with 300 hours of new video every minute, and more than 5,000 million videos are shown daily. With these statistics, Google has no choice but to apply its popular anti-piracy filters, since YouTube is also a platform where many movies are uploaded illegally.

If we want to watch movies legally, we have many options: on the one hand, we can visit websites that offer free movies, or take a look at different apps to watch movies and series at no cost. All this without infringing any copyright. Although we decided to stay on YouTube, it is interesting to know what free movies are available on the platform, not talking about those illegal downloads, but about feature movies that the company itself adds to the YouTube movie channel.

The YouTube Movie Channel relies primarily on recent movie releases, where we can buy or rent movies, but also has an interesting section of free movies. We are not talking here about black and white films, but about relatively modern materials, with films like Terminator, Masters of the Universe, Mothman, The Pearl Girl, Ghost in the Shell, and others.

Due to broadcast rights, these movies are only available in the U.S., which means we'll need to stay in the country, or use a VPN connection with the US server.