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How to watch DAZN for free (legally)

The current market is full of streaming services to watch series and movies, such as Netflix, HBO or the impending Disney +. However, if we want to watch sports competitions online, the offer is much more limited. Luckily, since 2019 the DAZN platform is now available, which is entirely dedicated to fans of motorcycles, football, boxing and sports in general.

Following in the wake of other similar articles published in the blog as, in today's post we will review all the legal gimmicks within our reach to enjoy the MotoGP, the Premiere League, the Euroleague and the UFC, as well as many other events and sports competitions live and free from DAZN.

What Can I Do to Watch DAZN From anywhere ?

Even if you don’t live in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Japan or Spain you can still use and access DAZN with a VPN. Simply connect to your VPN service, such as IPVanish, and select a server in one of the countries above. Once connected, you should be able to access the DAZN website and sign up. 

Trick # 1: Take advantage of the free trial month

DAZN was founded in 2016. Although the monthly subscription offer for 4.99 is no longer available (now it is € 9.99 without permanence) it is still cheaper than the $ 19.99 that the service costs in the US.

What is still active is the free trial month. In principle it is a promotion that we can only take advantage of once, but nothing prevents us from using several accounts to chain several months of free access to DAZN. Of course, we have to be careful not to repeat Paypal card or account, something that we can solve if we ask our brothers, parents or partner to register on the streaming platform.

Trick # 2: Free Trial Surfing

Another way to extend the free trial month a little longer is to use the “Free Trial Surfing” feature of the DoNotPay app. This tool provides you with an alias and a virtual credit card with which you can register on any streaming platform and then automatically cancels the subscription so they do not charge us for the second month. Of course, it works for DAZN, but also for other services such as Spotify or similar.

Being such a juicy utility, as indicated in this BBC article, we must clarify that it is a perfectly legal tool that works with the support of a very important bank -which they have not wanted to give the name-, but everything He points out that if it became very popular streaming companies would find the formula to put a brake on it.

In any case, at the moment it is only available for iOS, although there is already an early access for Android to which we can sign up from its official website.

Trick # 3: Shared Accounts

DAZN is available in web version, has an app for Android and iOS and is also present on consoles such as the PS4. Among the other features, we find that the service broadcasts in an image quality of 1080p and that we can have up to 5 registered devices. However, the most interesting fact is that it allows 2 simultaneous reproductions.

This means that if we have a family member or charitable soul that is already paying for a subscription we can kindly convince you to allow us to use one of the simultaneous reproductions to be able to see DAZN for free. If you do not use the 2 simultaneous reproductions, it is more than likely that you have no problem sharing it with us.

Of course, not to be too exploited it would be advisable to offer something in return, such as giving access to one of our Netflix / Spotify accounts, or take some bonbons from time to time.

Finally, remember that as an alternative we can always try other streaming platforms that have a free trial month, such as HBO or Prime Video, where we will find some interesting content related to the sport.