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WARP, the free and unlimited VPN for Android , IOS , Windows

After 5 months announcing it, Cloudflare has finally launched its new VPN service for mobile devices: WARP. This Wednesday, there were about 2 million people signed up for the waiting list to test the app, which demonstrates the high demand for such a app.

What exactly does WARP consist of? And most importantly, how is it different from the rest of VPNs that we can currently find on Android?

The first thing to clarify regarding WARP is that it is not intended to hide our IP. Instead of a tool to facilitate access to content with regional blocking, WARP is presented as “a VPN for people who do not know what a VPN means” (this is literally their slogan) and their goal is to shield our privacy and security from Time to connect to the Internet.

WARP encrypts both the data and the DNS requests we make, so that our operator cannot know what we are doing. This of course also prevents anyone who is connected to the same Wi-Fi network that we can spy on. Perfect to secure the connection when we are plugged into a public or open Wi-Fi (libraries, bars and cafes, airports, etc.).

The application is 100% free and unlimited, but there is also a payment service called WARP + that offers more speed and greater data encryption for 3.99 euros per month.

How to configure Cloudflare VPN for the first time

The WARP functionality is integrated into the Cloudflare app, so now, in addition to offering faster DNS, we can also connect to the Internet securely with your VPN service. The application can be downloaded directly without major problem from the Google Play Store.

Its activation is the simplest. Once we have installed the application, we open it and click on the “ENABLE” button that we will see in the lower area of the screen. This way we will enter the WARP menu. 

Here, we just have to activate the giant tab that appears right in the center and click on “Install VPN Profile”. This will create the configuration file to connect us securely: we accept the "Connection request" message and we will automatically see the "CONNECTED" message.

Cloudflare is a company with some prestige and also clearly warns in its privacy policy that we will never sell our data to third parties, and that the information collected is the minimum necessary for the service to function properly, which should give us some peace of mind. in that sense. What do you think about Cloudflare's VPN? 

Download Wrap VPN : Android , IOS , Windows