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The 10 best VPN apps for Android Tv Box (2020) – 100% Free and Premium VPN

With the amount of services and apps that track our activity on the Internet, more and more people are considering using a VPN. Thanks to this type of tools we can mask our IP, increase our privacy on the network and skip the restrictions by regional blocking of certain content ..

Now, what are the best VPN apps available on Android Tv Box? The first thing that we must take into account is that if we want a complete and quality service we must opt for paid subscription solutions, although there are some semi-free offers that are not bad at all either.


ExpressVPN is the premium VPN service with the largest number of countries available (94). It is a platform that has been recognized for its great customer service and has everything we could expect from a quality VPN: unlimited bandwidth, fast connections, more than 3,000 servers distributed worldwide and a powerful encryption

As an interesting fact, mention that ExpressVPN also offers the possibility of installing on the router and thus protect “in a single tap” all the devices connected to it. It allows up to 10 simultaneous connections, and its Android app, although easy to use, has a large number of settings. Of course, quality is paid, and in this case we are facing the most expensive service on the list. | Price: $ 6.67 / month


IPVanish is currently the most complete VPN service we can find for Android devices. It offers powerful encryption (256 bit AES), unlimited bandwidth and more than 40,000 IPs distributed among more than 1,300 servers in more than 75 different locations.

If we are thinking of using more than one device we are facing the perfect alternative, since it also allows up to 10 simultaneous connections. On the negative side it should be mentioned that they are very strict with the rules of use, so, if we try to connect with more than 10 devices at the same time without updating our subscription to a higher plan, they can cancel the account without notice. | Price: $ 6.49 / month (one year plan)

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If this is the first time we are going to use a VPN and we have doubts, TunnelBear may be a good option before you start spending money on a paid subscription. The application allows us to register with a free account with which we can browse and download a maximum of 500MB, although we can get 1GB extra if we recommend the application on our social networks.

The TunnelBear design is the most pleasant and easy to use, as well as complete. It has servers in 23 countries, with 256-bit AES encryption and the possibility of connecting up to 5 devices simultaneously. Its great point against it is that it does not support the download of torrents. | Price: Free (500MB) or $ 4.99 / month (Unlimited)

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Hotspot Shield

The great feature of Hotspot Shield is that it has a freemium version with a connection to the United States, which can come in handy if we want to see US content without geographical restrictions. A free version that is maintained by including ads.

On the other hand, the app offers a good plethora of services, such as military-grade encryption and the ability to configure the VPN to activate automatically when we open the browser or connect to the Internet. The pro version removes ads and adds 20 virtual placements. | Price: Free with advertising or € 7.99 / month

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NordVPN is the solution indicated for those looking for the highest level of encryption. The company operates from Panama, which means that it has no legal obligation to record the activity of its users. In addition, it has a double encryption: before sending the data to the Internet, they are encrypted on a server, and subsequently, they are re-encrypted on a second server, making them virtually undecipherable.

This great virtue is also its defect, and this double encryption means that the connection is not as fast as in other similar services. It is the price to pay for a protection well above the average. NordVPN offers more than 1,000 servers in 57 countries. | Price: € 6.22 / month (annual plan)

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Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access VPN offers one of the cheapest premium VPN services on the market, about 30 euros a year. For this price we have a really easy to use app and more than 3,000 servers at our disposal distributed around 30 different countries.

No doubt there are more complete and more functional VPNs, but the fact is that it does not register logs of our online activity (which is not bad), it offers unlimited bandwidth, it is compatible with both Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux, and for the cost it has we can not say that the value for money is mediocre, much less. A good VPN: simple but economical. | Price: $ 3.33 / month (annual plan)

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Windscribe has a network of about 534 servers in 110 cities in 60 countries. Something that the company takes pride in, as some VPNs often falsify their servers with fake IP and WHOIS addresses. In that sense, Windscribe feels quite proud of having physical servers.

It is a quite versatile VPN service. It has 256-bit AES encryption and a 4,096-bit RSA key and a free plan that gives us access to 10 different locations: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Norway and Romania. | Price: Starting at $ 4.08 / month

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Cloudflare WARP

The first thing to clarify regarding WARP is that it is not intended to hide our IP. Instead of a tool to facilitate access to content with regional blocking, WARP is presented as “a VPN for people who do not know what a VPN means” (this is literally their slogan) and their goal is to shield our privacy and security from Time to connect to the Internet.

WARP encrypts both the data and the DNS requests we make, so that our operator cannot know what we are doing. The application is 100% free and unlimited, but there is also a payment service called WARP + that offers more speed and greater data encryption for 3.99 euros per month.

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Opera's integrated VPN

If the only thing that interests us is to protect our privacy when browsing but we do not want to install additional apps such as WARP, we should know that the Opera browser for Android itself has an integrated VPN service.

We will not be able to choose which country we connect to (we can only choose between Europe, Asia or America) nor will we be able to configure the typical features of any VPN app, but in its favor it must be said that it does not slow down navigation and That is very easy to use. | Price: Free 

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As the name implies, Speedify is a VPN that focuses on delivering fast connections while maintaining a high degree of data encryption. It has a free and a paid plan: in both we have access to the same number of servers, but in the freemium plan we will have a limited bandwidth of 5GB the first month (1GB free the rest of the months).

It certainly does not offer as much bandwidth as other semi-free services, but it is complemented by the excellent bulletproof speed it offers when navigating. | Price: Free (5GB) or $ 5.99 / month (annual subscription) 

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