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7 best Android apps for your Smart TV 2021

When we get smart TV, the viewing options multiply exponentially. And we go from a few channels that we're watching to a whole world of possibilities. What are the best Android TV apps? What services should we install on a smart TV to get the most out of it?

Below we give you some ideas of all those Smart TV Compatible apps we can install to turn our TV into a personal entertainment center. In order to make this list even more interesting, we'll set aside all those apps we already know well like Netflix or Spotify to focus on relatively less obvious and more interesting things.

# 1 . KODI

Many people use Kodi on their smart TV or Android TV Box as a local and streaming media player. However, we are facing a very powerful application that allows us to do almost everything thanks to its add-ons. In this way we can install Retroplayer, a function for Kodi with which we can install various emulators of classic consoles (NES, Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, MAME, Dreamcast, etc.).

Download from : Google Play


# 2 . Pluto TV

Speaking of alternative streaming platforms, Pluto TV is another one of those apps that cannot be missing from our Smart TV. It is a free service with live television and on demand with a multitude of thematic channels.

From kitchen channels, through movie channels, series, MTV, there is even a specific channel dedicated to SpongeBob SquarePants. The content broadcast differs from one country to another: in the US they broadcast more than 100 channels, and in other places like Spain the offer is limited to about 50 channels. In any case, an app that is quite worth it.
Download from : Google Play


# 3 . PLEX

If we talk about live online television we cannot forget PLEX either. Recently the famous multimedia player has gone from being an excellent transmitter of local content over DLNA to adding a section with a multitude of live TV channels.

Download from : Google Play


# 4 . Keep

If you have some space in the living room to stretch the booties, you may want to take a look at Keep. We are facing an app to do exercises at home that is most practical, since being compatible with Android TV we can display it on the television and save ourselves the hassle of constantly checking the mobile (typical with most mobile training apps ).

Download from : Google Play


# 5 . Puffin TV - Fast Web Browser

Puffin TV is a special edition of Puffin optimized for Smart TV users for video watching, music listening and Internet surfing. A better user experience is made possible by Puffin's wicked fast cloud rendering. Puffin is faster than other browsers or even native apps. 

Download from : Google Play


# 6 . TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is like the Spotify of radio stations. It is an excellent platform to listen to music in streaming, but not only that, since the content is divided into several topics where we can find podcasts, news channels, sports stations and local radios. It is also great to discover new radio programs from the trends section or listen to stations from other countries in the world.

Download from : Google Play


# 7 . Red Bull TV

Another free streaming platform with loads of content mainly focused on sports like surfing, rock climbing, BMX, rally competitions, esports, motocross and other adventure sports. In addition to that, there are also live broadcasts of festivals such as Primavera Sound and Lollapalooza, as well as small documentaries and programs focused on music and gaming. As we say, the application is free, although we must register or log in with a Facebook or Google account.

Download from : Google Play