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Best Christmas Movies on Starzplay

 We are at Christmas, the most magical time of the year. The colored lights light the streets, there are typical sweets everywhere, the agenda is filled with events and the body asks of Christmas and Christmas movies to spend the afternoons. Do not you know why you opt? We leave you a selection of the best movies you can find in Starzplay.

The favorite month arrives for family members. Events, shopping ... Every day there is something interesting to do. However, it also makes cold and fancy, even from time to time, stay at home watching a movie and eating nougat. As of December 1, Starzplay reinforces its catalog with the best Christmas films. Do not miss it!


 #1 Christmas Under Wraps

One of the Christmas movies coming to Starzplay is Christmas Under Wraps.

A doctor inherits a farm in a small town in Alaska. She will try to sell it, but little by little she will catch the Christmas spirit that will not only invite her to stay, but also to fall in love with the town and her people.


#2 Christmas Wonderland

Heidi is a girl from Pleasant Valley who is in search of her dream: to be a famous painter. However, an unforeseen event will truncate her plans and she will have to postpone it. This change will bring some novelties to her life that will force her to decide if she likes more the life she leaves behind or the one she can build as a painter. 


#3 My Christmas inn

An advertising executive who inherits the inn run by her great-aunt Helen. Although she is willing to sell it, she will gradually realize that it can be a great investment both on a business and personal level. 


#4 Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas Cottage

Thomas Kinkade is a young artist who is in college and comes home for Christmas. However, he runs into several problems: his project to promote local tourism is not working well and that her mother could lose her country house because she cannot afford the mortgage payments. Will the Christmas miracle happen? 


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