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How to upload HD videos on TikTok

 TikTok is currently the most popular app that has brought a lot of entertainment. Everything is simple, just stand in front of your smartphone in recording mode and talk about what you want. Of course, not all videos have the same degree of detail, so your videos may require more dedication than being in front of the camera. But best of all, you can finally upload HD videos on TikTok. We will let you know how.


TikTok is deliberately lowering the quality of the video. You can see that if you compare it to the original video you recorded from your phone camera, the reason is easy to understand is that with such a large volume of videos uploaded daily, the space there is compressing. on servers

Thus, lower quality ensures not only efficient use of space, but also an improvement in data transfer speed. So your videos are posted instantly instead of keeping you waiting for a long time.

But finally the rules have changed and the app offers you a better option so you can improve your videos:

How to upload an HD video on TikTok

We are going to the practical part of this article in which we will teach you how to upload HD videos to TikTok.

Which is that it is very simple, but we will explain it to you so that you do not miss these details that will give your videos extra quality. Follow the steps below and you will succeed:

  1. Enter the TikTok app
  2. Create a new video
  3. Make the modification you want
  4. Click the red check button to continue
  5. Go to "More Options"
  6. Select "Download HD" option
  7. Post your video

You should know that this function may not be visible to everyone, as it is still in the testing phase. If so, don't worry, the company has already announced early access and if you are one of those who are taking part in the beta program, you might actually enjoy it.