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How to watch Formula 1 with Dazn F1

 Motor sports lovers are in luck, the Formula 1 World Championship has begun. What are the best options to watch F1 this season?  We tell you about it in this article.


There is no excuse to keep up to date with Formula 1 events;  You can view each event with the best ultra 4k definition, from different angles due to multi-channel signals and on different platforms: mobile, computers, TV or tablets.

Excited to see Formula 1 live?  Discover Dazn F1 and get access to the best content.

What is Dazn F1?

Dazn F1 is the preferred streaming platform for fans of Formula 1 races, since 2016 it has emerged as the world's largest sports broadcast signal.  It has progressively expanded around the world, Dazn is currently in 200 countries .

What can you watch on Dazn F1?

Dazn F1 is the guide for all racing fans, its content is oriented to international car events 24 hours a day.  Some of the best competitions you can enjoy on Dazn F1 .The best motorsport shows on Dazn F1, plus features, stories from popular characters and the best coverage of the race season.  In addition, the channel prepares a TV guide on its web platforms so that users can keep up to date with the programming and not miss a single detail.

How to watch Dazn F1?

The easiest way is to do it from the DAZN platform itself at , and hire it for 14 $ per month

If you access the Dazn website you can register with your email address and a password to choose one of the platform's subscription plans.  The first is free, then you can purchase rates between 12 euros and you can withdraw the subscription whenever you want.

Chrome, Firefox, explorer or Edge
Smart TV
Application for IOS and Android
PlayStation 4 and 5

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